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There are lots of ways we can assist you as a Charity, with a Charity, and for a Charity.

Business and people are looking for meaningful ways to collaborate with charities and causes that affect positive outcomes and goals.  This can be expressed through co-operative partnerships, celebrity ambassadorship, workshop activities - build, construct, connect, running campaigns like raffles, competitions, events, products and services donations.

Call us to discuss your event needs as we have out of the box thinking and draw on the vast skillsets of our arists to create truly amazing results for your needs.

Celebrity Ambassadors / Corporate Partnerships / Events - Quizzes, Auctions, Challenges, Concerts, Festivals, Conferences / Donations - Products, Services, Proceeds / Workshops - Active Engagement / Auctions/Auctioneers / Raffles, Competitions, Prizes / MC's & Quizmasters ... and many more!

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