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Is your Conference schedule packed with brilliant but grinding demands?  Does your workplace need a pep up after years of home-based work, staff disconnect and zoom fatigue?   

A Workshop is an interactive, experience based presentation by a qualified presenter that provides a highly interactive session with measurable outcomes.  It shapes and shifts the energy of a small group or a large conference audience to your desired goals.

We have a range of proven off-the-shelf concepts ready to go for any environment, but most of all we love crafting and tailoring a concept specific to your exact needs using the strength of our artist skills,  that's where our GURUS truly shine.

Ice Breakers

Stress Relief

Games & Puzzles


Creative Thinking 

Obstacle Courses

Team Builders

Personality Profiling

Treasure Hunts

Hoax Character Plants

Charity Activities

Physical Movement

Music & Dance

Cultural Interplay

Interpersonal Play

Theatre Sports

Flash Mobs


Motivation Discovery

.... and many more

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