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A pinnacle of our business, GURUS stable of Nationally acclaimed television and event Master MC's and Conference Facilitators deliver seamless, timely, passionate, humorous, objective-led results for major events around the country.  

They are so slick, they make it look easy.

With direct access to every National Media Presenter in the country, backed with an abundant resource of outstanding industry professionals that speak your language, you can guarantee that our GURUS will have your event purring and your panelists piqued and en pointe. 

National News / TV Presenters

Industry Experts

Celebrities / Actors

Sporting Champions

MC's with certified Auctioneering (all in one package)

Hoax MC's


Character MCs

Debate Adjudicators 

Quiz Masters

MC's with Band/DJ Options (all in one package)


... and many more

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