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When you invest in a stage show performance, you want to leave your audience completely spellbound. 


It can take the form of a knock-out high-end production spectacular, to a simply lit centre stage amusement, to a kid-friendly shopping centre rope-off, or theatrical roving festival performers.  

Customising shows to reach client goals is another of our specialties so if you are looking for measurable results, or quirky inclusions or reveals ... we speak your language!

Song & Dance / Headliner Superstars / Magicians / Illusionists / Comedians / Musical Spectaculars / Surprise Reveals / Themed Shows / Cultural Performers

Acrobatic / Contortionists / Fire Dancers / Slapstick Physical Comedy

Mime / Live Painters / Puppetry / Fireworks/Robotics / Interactive Animation  / Robotics / AI / Stilt Walkers / Living Tables / Human Statues / Aerialists / Roller Skaters  .... and many more

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